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How to Get Noticed by Your Target Company [Infographic]

It’s an incontrovertible fact that job seekers already have a target company in mind, which they are aiming to work for, whether they are first-timers or employees looking for replacements. As a rule, job hunters use different approaches to ensure the success of the job search process: some polish a resume (there are many companies that help to choose best resume service), some rehearse the job interview, some try to make connections with HR managers on LinkedIn.

There are different motivations for targeting the companies such as the position that the company is currently looking to fill, the benefits that come with a full-time employment, the amount of the offered salary, the prestige of the company name, the location of the office, or even a combination of these. Whatever the reasons, the job hunters are competing against other candidates in order to win the job.

Targeting a certain helps the job seekers narrow down the job-hunting efforts. When one knows where exactly he wants to apply for, he is able to discover more information about the company – including details such as its mission and vision. As well as the company profile: the job description, feedback of clients or former employees, etc. These details help them prepare for the application process better, especially for the job interview.

So, how to make the HR manager of your target company remember you and boost the chances of getting shortlisted or even accepted?

Check the infographic below to learn the tips that will teach you how to get noticed by the prospective hirers:


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