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The Best Affordable Resume Writing Services: When It Is Time To Invest

Let us be honest: composing an effective resume for a regular person, even with an extensive arsenal of templates, is a difficult task. And making it look competent, adequate, memorable and appealing to the strictest employer seems like an impossible thing to do. Even though there are tons of Internet articles on how to compose a resume/CV correctly, most of the job seekers still question the quality of their resume applications and often make use of the experienced resume writers. There are many inexpensive resume writing services at your disposal, which can help you create an effective marketing tool - you just need to know what writing company to choose.

Top 3 Resume Writing Services

1. Resumarea

ResumArea is a modern Company with innovative approach to resume writing services. Each document is created and reviewed with special care that guarantees job seekers success.

Key Features
  • Professional Writers
  • Quality Support and Communication
  • Security
  • User-friendly website
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2. Resume Writing Lab

ResumeWritingLab best-rated A-class resume writing and editing service. It is known for its high professionalism and deep knowledge of employment market. 700+ successfully completed orders every month.

Key Features
  • Executive resume writers
  • 100% Delivery in time
  • Attractive prices
  • Complete non-disclosure
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3. Great Resumes Fast
Great Resumes Fast

GreatResumesFast has good variety of service choices starting from basic resume writing and ending with LinkedIn profile development. Any job seeker will be pleased with their professionalism and dedication.

Key Features
  • Modern and easy to use website
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Direct contact with the writer
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What Do HR Managers Search In Every Resume?

Your resume is an important marketing tool that labels you and makes visible to recruiters. And to make it work, you have to know the specifics of the recruiters’ job.

The best career coaches acknowledge the fact that an average HR-manager spends about 6 seconds to filter the information displayed in a resume/CV. That’s why it’s crucial to outline your data clearly and concisely so that the document looks structured. The target of every recruiter is “almost a perfect” candidate and these 7 resume components are the first thing to draw his attention during those 6 seconds:

  • Most recent history that shows the applicant’s skills and practical experience;
  • The company’s image and recognition where the candidate had worked;
  • General work experience;
  • Keywords that can help sort out irrelevant resumes with a help of a machine search;
  • Gaps between jobs;
  • Resume’s layout and design;
  • Overall literacy.

5 Reasons To Turn to a Professional Resume Service

So, you have the Internet articles, a plenty of resume templates at your disposal and believe this would be enough for a “wow” effect. In most ways, it doesn’t work like that. An instruction to writing a perfect resume doesn’t exist, just because this process requires an individual approach. Consider turning to professionals, if:

  • Writing is not your thing. For instance, if you are an engineer, you hardly know anything about self-branding and resume writing rules. Resume writers in their turn have a deep knowledge of how it’s done correctly;
  • You have an outdated resume. “The old but gold” rule doesn’t work with resumes. Resume writing trends are changing all the time, so if the last time you wrote one was 20 or even 10 years ago, give it a huge upgrade… better ask a professional to do this;
  • You don’t get invitations to an interview. Your biggest reason why you don’t go further in a job search is most likely a poorly-written resume. This is just another sign why resume professionals matter;
  • You don’t know how to brand yourself. Perhaps, you are too shy to brag about your achievements and skills or just don’t know the principles of self-branding. If you can’t do it, then it’s necessary to hire a professional resume writer because he has a fresh and objective look at your best accomplishments;
  • There are specific obstacles and you are a recent college graduate or a person switching careers, so it will be more difficult to create an image of a perfect candidate for any employer. Affordable resume writing services know how to focus on positive moments of your applications and smoothen the negative ones.

Expensive Or Cheap Resume Writing Services?

If you find the right resume agency with pro resume writers, you’ll get what you pay for. And it doesn’t mean you have to choose super pricey services. There are not too expensive resume writing services that produce nice resumes, but remember that the super cheap resume writers won’t guarantee you the best result.

Their main difference from pricey agencies is that they do not necessarily offer a direct communication with a resume writer. Nonetheless, in 90 percent of cases, it is quite enough to get a quality document and even enough to build your personal brand.


Making a resume is a form of art that requires an understanding of how hiring works and, most importantly, an awareness of resume writing strategies. So if you want to increase the number of positive responses from employers at times, choose the best affordable resume writing services and invest in quality resume writing first!